Wingspan Medical is a highly specialized, direct to physician, national healthcare consortium group.  Our turn-key services allow the physician, physician partners and distribution channels to focus on their practice while relying on Wingspan Medical to manage new laboratory services and revenue opportunities.

WSM offers a myriad of services; UA Toxicology, Oral Toxicology, Blood Hormone Testing, Blood Food Allergy Testing, Pharmacogenetics, Cancer Screening, Environmental Allergy Testing, Food Allergy Testing, Special Pharmacy, Newborn ID, FDA Approved Ingredients, Pain Cream, and Scar Creams.  

We employ Beckman Coulter LC/MS state-of-the-art technology & COLA accredited, in all of our laboratory facilities to ensure delivery of the most current and accurate clinical services to all of our partners.  WSM is licensed in 50 states nationwide.



We enable clients to build their capabilities and achieve sustainable peak performance around quality care, cost, leadership, and culture in today's changing healthcare environment.



Each platform offered is supported by a team of experienced field consultants.  These continuously evolving patient care platforms combine leading edge science, patient focus, up-to-date knowledge of the regulatory environment, and efficient, user-friendly technology. 

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"Changing Healthcare One Patient At A Time"

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